Contracting a Professional Translators

Contracting a Professional Translators

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2023)

If you contract freelance translators, you will have to consider some essential costs. The first cost will be the cost of defining your expectations from a professional translator, searching the most suitable provider accordingly, and then assessment of their knowledge, professionalism, and skills; then comes the cost of contracting if there is some initial payment or cost required for contracting. Communication and relationship management with the freelance contractor is essential and this activity can be costly, an employee of your firm will have to play the role of a project manager and will be required to be in constant touch with a professional translator. Project management and development of auditing processes is vital if there are multiple outsourced projects that involve translation in various different languages.


You might have to provide some essential pre and post translation document processing tools and software, because some tools and software can be so expensive that an individual professional translator usually cannot afford. There will be an additional cost for training one or more employees of your firm on the translating software and tools, if there are multiple projects then one dedicated employee might be required to handle pre and post translation file processing tasks. Moreover, freelance contractors usually work for several clients and handle projects on first come first serve basis. At times, you may not be able to find a suitable freelance contractor as they may be already occupied with work, or otherwise they may accept your work but may not be able to meet deadlines.

Hire a professional translator

There are many challenges in contracting a freelance professional translator but doubtlessly there are many advantages as well, if you have decided to go for this option, then first you will have to consider the initial cost of searching for a suitable freelance translator, this cost may be high. If you have bulk assignments to offer or legal or highly technical content to be translated, then you might require a person to manage technical terminology, metadata, and records related to translation. It will be beneficial to maintain a detailed record of freelance translators. Additional beneficial steps can be:


  • Hire or contract staff to execute tasks such as searching and contracting translators, handling phone and online queries, etc.
  • Hire or contract a person to manage translation materials such as databases, records, etc.
  • Hire or contract a suitable person to integrate the translated content in the required documents and we pages, purchase and provide software and tools as required.
  • Hire or contract an experienced person to monitor and check the quality of translation.


DutchTrans is always here to help you if you have chosen to contract a professional translator. We do not only provide expert translators for various industries and languages, but we also help our clients by providing the required translation tools, database management services, quality audit, and even content integration services.

Professional Translator

It can be challenging to contract a professional translator mainly because you are in no position to judge their understanding of the language. So, moving ahead, no matter for what reasons you want to contract a translator, whether for any meeting with clients from other nations, to sign legal contracts, to attend critical global events or any other, you can always rely on global communities to find a professional translator for yourself in whichever language you want.

Look for background when hiring a professional translator. Choosing a translation company instead of a freelance translator usually is your best bet. A reliable translation company will have a policy for improving the quality of translation work, with translation software helping them. The best translator for your job is the one who understands the text to be translated, has training and experience with the kind of material of your project and, above all, is a native speaker of the target language.

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