Do you want to babbel Dutch?

babbel meaning in Dutch

Do you want to babbel Dutch?

Do you want to babbel Dutch?

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2024)

So, are you the one who loves to travel and explore the world? You must have an idea that exploring the world means exploring new and different languages. It has always been fun to learn and explore something that you never heard of. And exploring languages has been incredible and people always wanted to learn different languages.

If you ever get a chance to visit Netherland, you will get to know about the Dutch language. You will also learn a lot about the Dutch alphabet. If you never heard of it, don’t worry in this article we will let you know about the facts and figures about the Dutch language. Moreover, we will discuss how to learn babble Dutch and will it be worth learning or not. So are you ready to polish your Dutch skills?

Dutch Language

Dutch is a West Germanic language. It originates from the Netherland, and now the primary and official language of the country. People of the northern half of Belgium or the region of Flanders and the South American country of Suriname also speak the Dutch language. People of Southern Africa originated the Afrikaans language from the Dutch language, and today people of South Africa and Namibia speak Afrikaans. Today, the Dutch language has over 22 million native speakers around the world.

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Historical Background of Dutch Language

The Dutch language is a branch of the West Germanic Language. The West Germanic further divided into different branches as into English, German, Dutch and Frisian. Dutch is somehow closer to the German language but the grammar and basic dutch vocabulary rules are similar to English, so English speakers sometimes understand Dutch.

West Germanic languages also include North Germanic language i.e. Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic. The Dutch language is also one of these.

Before 1170 the Dutch language was called Old Dutch. While in between 1170 to 1500 it was known as Middle Dutch, also called diets and that’s why it is named Dutch in English. The word Dutch originates from the Proto-Germanic word “theodiscus” and it means “the language of common people”. At that time Dutch was used to refer to the Germans speakers and their languages. As time passes, it refers to the Netherland instead of Germans.
Hendrick van Veldeke was the first Dutch writer and the oldest book written in the Dutch language was Wachtendonckse Psalmen.

Who speaks the Dutch Language?

Dutch is not just the language of the Netherland, but it is also an official language of Flanders. Moreover, it is the national language of Suriname, Dutch Antilles, and Aruba. Out of 22 million native speakers, 4 million people speak Dutch as a second foreign language. You must keep in mind that their tense forms could be slightly different. Some of these dialects even have special forms and irregular forms. If you are on the learning path, it all depends on your learning process and learning style.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, 16 million people speak Dutch and it is the only official language there. However, people of the Northern Province of Fryslan speak Frisian language, which is similar to the English language. It was also granted the status of official language in the Netherlands.


Dutch is the mother tongue of the people of Flanders, and today it has 6 million speakers of Dutch. Dutch never got much hype in Flanders because of the foreign ruler of the government. In the 18th century when the French occupied, Dutch pushed aside and French became the language of the upper and middle class. However, in 1898 Dutch come back and become the official language.

South Africa

Afrikaans is one of the official languages of South Africa. Afrikaans has its root in Dutch. Today it has 7 million native speakers while 10 million speak it as a second language.


Different groups of people in Suriname use Dutch to communicate. Along with that, it is the language of government and education. It has 475,000 Dutch speakers.


In 1949, when Indonesia separated from the Netherland, Dutch was no longer the official language there but still, some people speak the language.


Canada has around 1.4 million older Dutch speakers. It makes it the largest minority language of Canada.

Do you want to “Babble” Dutch?

When you visit Netherland, you will notice that everyone there speaks excellent English. Then why you should learn Dutch? The fact is, if you want to enjoy your trip to the Netherlands and want to communicate with the people of the Netherlands then you must learn Dutch. It’s because the word Babble means Tittle Tattle in English. And what fun can you have if you don’t get the babble? Moreover, it will help to explore the real Netherlands in such a way that most tourists can’t.

The Netherlands is always an underrated travel destination, as people are more towards Hawaii and Cancun. However, in the Netherlands, the cultural offerings, museums, art galleries, canal cruises, Dutch cuisine, Dutch lunch, Dutch dishes, Dutch birthday traditions, and, culinary tradition, make it a perfect holiday destination. Incredible roads and public transport make it a safe and secure place to visit. You can also learn about safe payment methods at your hotel reception. There are even special hotel phrases you can learn. We are sure you can pick your leisure time activities better now.

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babbel dutch

A Better Experience

Your visit to Netherland will make your cultural experience much richer only when you are able to under their newspaper and magazines. Besides, Netherlands is also famous for its comic books and you will only enjoy it when read in its language rather than translation. The more you get into the Dutch language the more you will be able to learn the cultural differences around the Dutch-speaking countries.

Moreover, the Netherlands has a stable economy and low unemployment rates, which makes it a great place to work. If you want to start a new business you should definitely keep the Netherlands in your mind. Big cities of the Netherlands like Amsterdam or Rotterdam are on the top of the list. Along with that if you want to bring your family there and raise them, you can! Because it is a great place to live as it has a clean and safe town with a friendly environment community. And being a Dutch speaker will help you in the job market as well as in the local community.

How to learn Dutch?

The traditional way of learning a new language is to take lessons, read books and all that. But it is hard to find time to read books and learn the language. So, you can learn Dutch, online. There is an application named, babble. It provides Dutch courses online so you can assess them anytime on your Smartphone.

Let’s just talk about some features of the Babbel app:

  • Babbel has over 150 in-house language experts.
  • It is designed in a way that you can assess it on your mobile and desktop devices.
  • It has multimedia lessons, reading exercises, and self-review features as well.
  • Each language course offers various themes for interactive learning.
  • It is flexible, affordable, and the most interesting way to learn Dutch.

Dutch lessons with Babbel

In an increasingly globalized world, the demand for effective language learning tools has grown significantly. One notable solution is Babbel, a subscription-based language learning app that offers comprehensive lessons for various languages, including Dutch. Babbel stands out due to its combination of structured content and interactive features, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced learners.

Babbel’s educational content is meticulously designed to cater to different levels of language proficiency. For beginners, Babbel provides courses that focus on building a basic understanding of Dutch, covering essential vocabulary, personal pronouns, and basic verb forms. As learners progress, the app introduces more complex elements such as tense forms and reflexive verbs, ensuring a smooth transition from novice to advanced levels.

One of Babbel’s key strengths is its practical language approach, which emphasizes real-world usage. This method is evident in their Babbel Live sessions and audio lessons, where learners engage in conversations that mirror everyday situations. This practical focus helps users develop language skills that are immediately applicable, enhancing their overall learning experience.

For advanced learners aiming to reach B1 or B2 levels of language proficiency, Babbel offers advanced courses that delve deeper into the intricacies of Dutch grammar and vocabulary. These courses cover advanced verb forms, modal verbs, and other complex grammatical structures. Additionally, Babbel provides bonus content and supplemental resources to further enrich the learning process. This wealth of content ensures that advanced speakers continue to challenge themselves and refine their language skills.

The app’s structure includes features that enhance the learning experience. Babbel’s virtual classroom setting, known as Babbel Live, allows users to participate in online classes led by actual people, providing an interactive and engaging learning environment. The ability to choose class times and the option of unlimited classes make Babbel a flexible and convenient tool for language learners. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for business people and those with busy schedules, allowing them to fit language learning into their routine without hassle.

Babbel also addresses common frustrations faced by language learners. The app’s systematic approach and clear progression paths help prevent the frustrating experience of feeling stuck or overwhelmed. By revisiting previous lessons and gradually introducing more complex topics, Babbel ensures a steady and manageable learning curve.

Founded by Markus Witte, Babbel has grown into a reputable language learning platform. Its success is partly due to its commitment to quality and continuous improvement, drawing from insights in applied linguistics and educational research. Partnerships with institutions like Yale University and Michigan State University further underscore Babbel’s dedication to providing top-notch educational content.

Babbel for Business is another facet of the app that caters specifically to corporate clients. This program is designed to help employees acquire language skills that can enhance their professional capabilities. Given the importance of effective communication in the business world, Babbel for Business is a valuable resource for companies looking to invest in their workforce’s language proficiency.

Despite its many strengths, Babbel is not without its critiques. Some users have described Babbel es una programa aprender-lenguaje malo, expressing dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the program. However, these criticisms are often outweighed by the app’s positive reviews and widespread acclaim.

Babbel is the most convenient and reliable way to learn Dutch with the online learning system at very low prices. Dutch lessons include reading exercises, writing as well as listening to have correct pronunciation. Babbel offers a wide range of learning lessons such as online courses for beginners, grammar phrases, basic vocabulary training, and form of verbs with interactive sections. The app will let you learn words that are used in everyday life and real-life of Dutch people.

Native English speaker may find difficult to pronounce Dutch but the Babbel’s state-of-the-art technology and interactive online sessions will help you with the effective education techniques and to makes the Dutch simple to you to learn. Moreover, Babbel’s integrated speech-recognition tool will help you to practice and test your pronunciation skills with the latest Flash player and microphone feature.


Now to have enough knowledge about the Dutch language, just go check the Dutch course overview and sign up for your Dutch course today and learn it right away. They have a beginner level, an intermediate level, and an expert level course. Dutch is a popular language with modal verbs, regular verbs, irregular verbs, and irregular comparatives.

So all you language learners, there are plenty of options for you to learn about Dutch traditions. All you have to do is get ready for this Dutch adventure.

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