What are the best language apps to learn Dutch?

Learn dutch app

What are the best language apps to learn Dutch?

What are the best language apps to learn Dutch?

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2023)

The Dutch Language:

Dutch belongs to the West Germanic group of languages. It has 24 million native speakers. It is the sole official language in the Netherlands and one of the three official languages in Belgium. As a West Germanic language, Dutch is a close relative of both English and German. According to linguists, it is colloquially between the two languages. Dutch also has a daughter language Afrikaans. Afrikaans originated from the Cape Dutch dialects of South Africa. The two languages are mutually intelligible. Afrikaans has 16 million speakers today and enjoys official status in South Africa. Dutch vocabulary is mostly made up of Germanic words. But there are also plenty of Romance loan words in Dutch too. Over the years, it has also been influenced by other European languages.

Five million people speak Dutch as their second language. After English and German, it is the most spoken West Germanic language. Dutch is also an official language in Suriname, Aruba, Sint Maarten, and Curaçao, which are constituent countries of the Kingdom of Denmark. These countries are located in the Caribbean. Nearly half a million people speak Dutch as their native language in the US, Canada, and Australia combined. Germany, Indonesia, and France have Dutch speaking minorities that are on the verge of extinction.

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Learning a Foreign Language:

Navigating the diverse world of languages can be both thrilling and challenging. With over seven billion people speaking various languages, the key to bridging this linguistic gap lies in becoming bilingual. The benefits are immense; not only does it enhance cognitive abilities, but it also unveils the richness of different cultures. Mastering a new language, like Dutch, opens doors to a plethora of opportunities. Whether you’re an English speaker aiming to bolster conversational skills or an advanced learner seeking grammar lessons, there’s a path for you.

Learning a second language, however, demands patience and dedication. It’s not an overnight feat but a journey that requires consistent effort. Fortunately, the digital age has revolutionized language learning. Premium subscriptions to language apps like Rosetta Stone offer practical vocabulary and access to Dutch tutors or language experts, all within the comfort of your own space. These apps are invaluable resources for Dutch learners, enabling them to grasp complex grammar concepts and develop conversational proficiency.

While these language learning apps can’t perform miracles, they are incredibly beneficial. They provide an alternative to traditional classroom settings, allowing you to delve into Dutch lessons whenever and wherever. Moreover, having a language partner or enrolling in a language school specialized in Dutch can accelerate your learning process. Ultimately, embracing the challenge of mastering Dutch opens up a world of possibilities, be it for work opportunities or fostering connections in popular languages. What are the best Dutch Language Apps to learn Dutch?

What’s the Best Way of Learning Dutch?

There is no single perfect way of learning a language, especially when it comes to mastering Dutch. Everyone has to find the method that suits them best. However, it’s always beneficial to blend different approaches to maximize learning. For instance, Dutch learners can utilize a combination of self-learning books focusing on Dutch vocabulary, grammar rules, and lesson plans for a structured approach. Supplementing this with interactive Dutch learning apps offers daily immersive lessons, aiding beginners through to advanced learners in grasping the language’s nuances.

It’s a common mistake to rely solely on one method for language acquisition. While some believe Dutch apps cover all aspects, others think books alone suffice. However, the most effective strategy encompasses both theory and practice. Starting with the basics is crucial; beginner level materials in Dutch help establish a foundation. As proficiency grows, intermediate and advanced levels in language courses or apps further expand vocabulary and grammar understanding. Yet, the real proficiency gains come from practicing conversations with native Dutch speakers, integrating the target language into daily life. This combined approach ensures a holistic learning experience, offering the best of both worlds in mastering Dutch.

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What Are the Best Language Apps to Learn Dutch? 

Although the internet offers us a lot of options, we can’t trust it blindly. Just like you can’t trust every post on social media websites, you can’t trust every language app. If you want to learn the Dutch language, you should not choose an app at random. You should only opt for the options that have the best ratings from native speakers. Even then, not every app’s Dutch grammar courses will work out for you. It is best to find out what kind of video lessons an app is offering before you decide to pay for it. Only commit to an app once you have tried and tested its lessons for learning Dutch. Consider seeking guidance from a Dutch tutor to enhance your conversational skills and proficiency levels. Look for an app that offers basic features for beginners but also includes premium features to challenge advanced learners.


Here are some of the best language apps for learning Dutch:

  1. Memrise:

If you are looking for the best learn Dutch app, then Memrise is the one you should choose. The app has Dutch courses that are prepared by native speakers. You will learn the Dutch alphabet as well as Dutch pronunciation. The app will introduce you to common Dutch phrases and words. You will also get practical exercises and your progress will be measured regularly. But you will have to pay to get this learning experience. If you buy the Memrise subscription, you will be able to carry out an offline study of Dutch. You will also get small video lessons prepared by native Dutch speakers so you can work on your pronunciation.

  1. Duolingo:

You can customize your Dutch lessons on the Duolingo app and study for as long as you want every day. You will get regular reminders from the app so you can establish a daily routine of studying Dutch. Even if you can only give 5 minutes to the app every day, it will design the perfect little lessons for you. You will have to go through multiple levels to achieve fluency. If you are already familiar with the Dutch alphabet or a few basic phrases, you can let the app know and your lessons will be designed accordingly. This way, you won’t have to waste time on stuff you have already learned. The best thing about Duolingo is that you can get all the basic courses for free. However, if you pay for premium, you will get more benefits.

  1. Babbel:

Babbel is another useful app for those who want to learn Dutch. It not only has dozens of useful Dutch courses but it also provides important information about the culture and traditions of different countries. This is why Babbel is very popular among travelers. If you are planning to move to the Netherlands, Babbel can not only teach you the native language of the land but also tell you about Dutch music and culture. It will teach you the sentences that you will need in daily life situations. Babbel also has multiple levels that you can choose from. If you are already familiar with Standard Dutch, you can pick advanced courses to achieve fluency.

  1. Google Translate:

Google Translate is a very important smartphone app, but not the one people use for language learning. However, it is still a very useful resource for those who want to learn a foreign language. You can look up Dutch words on Google Translate and learn their meaning and pronunciation. You will be able to learn correct pronunciations with the help of Google Translate and improve your vocabulary at the same time. If you have already used the other apps and have started writing and speaking Dutch, then you can use Google Translate to improve your language skills.

With the help of the above-mentioned apps, you can learn basic Dutch words and phrases. You can continue the learning process with these apps and keep on improving your vocabulary and language skills.

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