Facts About Marketing Translation Services

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Facts About Marketing Translation Services

Facts About Marketing Translation Services

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2023)

The way the world has changed ended up affecting every walk of life. Marketing, for instance, was not used to be so complicated. People may think that there are various methods of reaching out to customers these days, and they will be right, but that has also increased competition for the brands. There weren’t a hundred different ways of advertising a product in the past, and the brands that ended up getting their pamphlets plastered on the walls were the ones that became everyone’s favorite. Today, there is social media where brands have to post engaging content in order to retain the attention of their followers.

Marketing Translation:


Despite all the changes, the primary purpose of marketing will always remain the same: to sell a product or service. It has to convince people that they need this product. It should be able to say why a specific product is better than all the other options available in the market. However, a new problem that companies face today is getting good translations of their marketing material. Modern methods of transportation have made the world smaller, which means companies can deliver their products in every part of the planet. But that also means making advertisements for different types of audiences.

Marketing Translation
Marketing Translation

Problems with Marketing Translation:


When advertising content is created by keeping in mind a particular type of audience, it becomes suitable for them alone. It cannot be used to attract the attention of a different audience. The biggest problem with marketing translation is that companies end up hiring an inexperienced professional who doesn’t know how to handle advertising content. It is the type of translation that must be done while keeping in mind the culture of the audience, the tone of the brand, and the properties of the product or service. When the word to word translation is carried out of slogans, it ends up messing up the whole campaign and causing irreparable damage to the brand.

Facts About Marketing Translation Services:


There are a few things that must be kept in mind when doing a translation of marketing content. When you need marketing and advertising translation services, make sure to find a company that knows everything about the process. Here are a few facts that must be kept in mind when handling advertising content:

  1. Cultural Differences:

Each ad that is created for a particular audience cannot be suitable for a different community. The linguistic expert must be aware of the cultural differences between the source audience and the target audience. When they know the difference, they will be able to add the right cultural points in the advertisements.

  1. Idioms Change:

Idioms are not the same everywhere in the world. Sometimes, a phrase may even translate into something offensive in one part of the world. No matter how good an idiom looks in one ad, it cannot appear in the marketing content for a different audience. This is something the translator should be aware of.

  1. The Tone of the Brand:

Someone handling marketing translation should not only be good at translating but also know enough about copywriting to carry out the task properly. They must be aware of the tone of the brand. Some corporations go for a serious tone in all of their advertising content, while others opt for humorous language. The tone should not change even when the content goes from one language to the next. If the linguistic professional doesn’t know anything about copywriting, they won’t be able to incorporate the tone of the brand correctly in the text and, therefore, will fail to do an excellent job of translating marketing documents.

  1. No Rush:

When it comes to advertising content, there is no need to hurry up the process. By doing a quick job, there is a high chance that the linguistic expert will end up making many mistakes. They won’t be able to come up with exciting sentences for the final document. But marketing is all about engaging content. This is why there is no rush when it comes to this type of linguistic assistance. The expert handling your data must take all the time they need to come up with engaging material.

  1. Space Issues:

If banners and websites have already been created, the space issues must also be kept in mind during the process of linguistically changing the material created by the marketing department. Some languages take a lot more space than English. So, the end result must be in accordance with the space available.

  1. Humor Can Be Tricky:

A joke in one language may become something completely different in another tongue. Even if it sounds perfect during the ad, if it needs to be changed, there is no need to think twice about that. The audience may be able to get the joke in English, but if it means something impolite in their language, they will not be impressed.

Pleasing the audience is not easy for anyone. Even those who are not selling anything have trouble gaining and retaining the attention of communities. But with a good strategy, every problem can be tackled easily. When a business decides to expand in different regions, they have to take care of a lot of matters. But making a unique marketing strategy is the best way to ensure their future success. As long as they can find the right linguistic expert to handle marketing tips, they will do good in all the different regions they plan to enter.

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