Facts About Yoruba Language And Culture

Yoruba Language

Facts About Yoruba Language And Culture

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2020)

Do you ever learn something interesting and feel bad that you never knew that fact before? It must have happened to you at least a few times in life because there is so much to learn in life and not enough time. We are always busy with one thing or another and as a result, we miss out on a lot of great things. But even if we dedicate all of our time to learning about the world around us, we will still miss out on a few things. It is something that is simply not in our control. The world is huge and full of seven billion people, one lifetime is not enough to find out all the secrets of life.

Many people have realized that they can’t do it all in one life so they pick one thing and stick to that. They know that it is a lot better to put all of their energy in the pursuit of one goal instead of going in a different direction every time their interest changes. Life can get pretty messy if we start pursuing every flashy thing we see, which is why one final destination is enough. There is nothing wrong with learning more than your course books. In fact, many people who are recognized for their work also pick up a hobby and become pretty good at it.


For instance, there is no law against a doctor picking up the paint brushes and painting a masterpiece. But if they had started focusing too much on painting while they were still in school, they would not have end up with a stable career. This is why those who like studying people and culture should devote their life to learning all there is to know about a certain group or ethnicity. Once they have collected all the facts, only then can they move on to another culture.

Yoruba Language
Yoruba Language

Yoruba People:

The ethnic group of Yoruba inhabits western Africa. The majority of them can be found in Nigeria. According to an estimate, there are at least 44 million of them. Some of them immigrated to foreign countries and can be found in America and Britain today. In the past, the Yoruba people were moved out of Africa during the African slave trade. This is how they ended up having communities in Brazil, Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rice, and Venezuela.

Facts About Yoruba Language:

Here are a few interesting facts about the Yoruba language:

  • The language spoken by the Yoruba people belongs to the Niger-Congo family.
  • It is spoken in different countries in West Africa.
  • It has over forty million speakers today.
  • The language is divided in five major dialect groups.
  • There are no clear boundaries between the groups due to similarities between different dialects.
  • Over the years, Yoruba has had different writing systems. In the 17th century, the influence of Muslims meant the introduction of Ajami script. But today, the Latin alphabet is used for the writing. However, it is modified according to the requirements of the Yoruba language.
  • There is plenty of reading material available in Yoruba from books to magazines.
  • Famous Yoruba books have also been translated into many different languages.

Facts About Yoruba Culture:

Here are some facts about the Yoruba culture to help you understand it:

  • Religion plays an important role among these people. Spirituality is also considered an important part of their daily lives.
  • Islam and Christianity are the most common religions but they are somewhat influenced by the values of the Yoruba people.
  • Some people also follow traditional religions which do not sound like anything relatively recent.
  • The Yoruba have more twins than anywhere else in the world and their genetics are to be credited for that. There have been many studies conducted so far to find out the reason behind that statistic but nothing concrete have been found out.
  • Traditional clothing has become reserved for special occasions among the Yoruba people. They have adapted to the modern culture and can be seen wearing latest clothing. But on weddings, they bring out the traditional dresses.
  • Along with religion and spirituality, mythology, folktales, and philosophy are also very famous among these people. Most of their culture is based around these folktales. There are thousands of such tales that can help a person navigate their way through life. Mythological creatures are also given a lot of importance in the society of the Yoruba people.
  • The Yoruba put a lot of importance on the naming of a child. They think that people spend their lives according to the name they are given so a lot of thought must be put into the matter before naming a child. They also think that twins have natural birth names.
  • They strongly believe in life after death and think that their ancestors watch over them. They think that death is in no way the end, in fact, it is the beginning of another journey.

It will be impossible to find a culture on the planet earth which isn’t fascinating. But there is something about African societies that set them apart. Their ability to believe in the supernatural is unreal. But as long as it helps them live a happy and satisfied life, who can have a problem with that? Anyone who is interested in studying people and their societies should study the Yoruba and their language. They make up a very interesting subject matter and will teach you a thing or two about your personal life too.

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