Famous People From Colombia

Columbia People

Famous People From Colombia

Famous People From Colombia

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2021)

When we all hear about Colombia the first gate name that comes into our mind is Shakira. But there are so many other great things and famous people from Colombia also exist. These are equally famous but they’re not famous for the name of Columbia. Colombia is all about music, dance, and party. People from Colombia are very fun-loving and easy-going. It is the best tourist place as well. Sites in Colombia are mesmerizing and worth seeing.

For example, the Walled City of Colombia is beautiful. River of Fiver colors “Cano Cristales”, San Andres island, Santa Marta, Cabo San Juan, etc are famous tourist spots. Beautiful rivers and the Caribbean sea are identities of Colombia. Colombia is the biggest trading partner of the USA. The national football team of Colombia has a fan following around the globe. Some of the famous and professional footballers of the National team are:

  • Andres Escobar (Andres Escobar Soccer Andres Escobar Saldarriaga)
  • Alvaro Uribe Velez
  • James Rodriguez
  • Freddy Rincon
  • Carlos Valderrama

Most Famous Personalities Of Colombia

Some of the most famous people from Colombia are briefly discussed below:

  • Shakira

Shakira is the most renowned name of Columbia. She is a singer and a songwriter. Not only do Colombian people love her but she is famous in the whole world. She is said to be the Queen of Latin Music. She is the most versatile singer and dancer.

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Shakira has won many awards such as American Music Awards and Latin Grammy awards. Her most famous songs are “hips don’t lie” and “whenever, whenever”. Shakira is the highest-selling artist in Columbia.

More than 70 million of her albums have been sold throughout the world. At first, Shakira does not achieve any American status of pop sing then she moved to Florida with her family. And there she learned to write songs in English. Again in 2001, Shakira launched her first English song Album. She got a quick response from the American. More than 200,000 copies of her Album were sold in the first week.

She gained success in America and all over the world. Shakira dance and move her hips while singing her songs on the stage which attracts and make people enjoy the show. She is also a UNICEF ambassador and she is also awarded by UN for the efforts of philanthropic efforts. She is an active and working person. Buenaventura is the largest city in Colombia.

  • Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar is a Colombian drug and narcoterrorist.  Who doesn’t know Pablo Escobar after Narcos? He was considered the Lord of cocaine. He was one of the richest drug terrorists in the history of the world. His criminal history is very interesting and dramatic. He went to Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana of Medellín, but his life took an interesting tone and he never got a chance to complete his education.

Instead, he started his criminal journey towards drugs. If we are talking about the crimes of Pablo Escobar it does not limit just do the drugs but also includes different types of thefts, smuggling, illegal businesses, and much more in Latin America. Escobar becomes so famous among the Colombian People. He created his whole network of drug smuggling which he named Medellín Cartel. He was the one who made Columbia on murder capital of the world.

When he started smuggling drugs especially cocaine to the United States of America he became so rich. But the price of all this was paid by Columbia because this much corruption and smuggling created huge chaos in the country. Then because of his influence, he also joined politics and won a very strong seat in the parliament. But the 30s of Columbia and the United States of America constantly tried to let him down Consequently he retaliated and Columbia became a crime hub and a very unsafe place.

In the end, authorities were able to punish him for five years imprisonment. He was imprisoned in self-built imprisonment named La Catedral. But this also had a very dramatic ending when Pablo Escobar escaped and Paul Columbia was finding him. But they were unable to imprison him again. Escobar died in a murder attempt in his hometown.

  • Karol G 

Karol G is a famous Colombian artist. The name of the famous Karol G is Carolina Giraldo Navarro. She is one of the famous Latin American girls.

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Carol is famous for her singing and songwriting. One of her famous songs is “Mi Cama”. Like Shakira, There is a special Colombian Spanish dialect vibe in her songs as well. Carol also one Latin Grammy award. She started her journey with the talent show named The X Factor. And now she is one of the famous artists in the world.

Her album song “Mañana” was released in 2014 and now it has more than 90 million views. “Ahora me Llama” also was one of her hits. People who are into Spanish songs still like all of her songs. She started learning music when she was five and now she is one of the famous singers and she also collaborated with several famous super musicians like Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Luis Fonsi, Bad Bunny and many more.

  • Alicia keys

If you’re not obsessed with the lyrics of “Girl on fire” then what are you doing on planet earth. This song has lyrics that can stick in people’s minds Especially the first line “She is just a girl and she is on fire”. Well, this song needs no appreciation words it is perfection in itself. But let’s get to know its singer as well. Alicia Keys needs no introduction.

The early life of Keys was not that easy and bright as her songs are. She is also famous for her gender-neutral clothing and bold protective measures like carrying a homemade knife for protection. In her early life, she was faced many difficulties like violence, harassment, and drugs. But as long as her songs are shinning, she is shining brighter through them.

She’s famous for her singing, songwriting, and acting. She’s an American singer but she was born in Columbia and was raised in Columbia too. Her other famous songs are “You don’t know my name” and “If I ain’t got you”. Her songs are pretty addictive no doubt. “Fallin” was also her hit song and “No one” too. Oh, how can we forget “Blended Family” and “Un-Thinkable”.

  • Rigoberto Uran

This man is famous for his road cycling. He was born in Columbia and had an invasion of becoming a famous cyclist of the world. And Summer Olympics 2012 he won a road race and won a silver medal. Very few Colombians are famous for the Olympics and cycling. He is one of those Colombians who won many famous races and made Team Sky proud of him. He won White Jersey as well as a best young rider.

The early life of Rigoberto was tough as his father was assassinated by a Colombian Tourist group. He had to work hard to support his family but this did not affect his cycling career. At the age of 16, he joined a professional Colombian cycling team and is making them proud ever since. At the age of 19, he joined Tenax and then moved on to Unibet. Checkout our latest post about American English or British English!

After that, he joined Cassie d’Empargne but his career gets brighter when He joined Team Sky. He won many races in that period of 2011 to 2013. After breaking away from Alexander Vinokourov with 8 km (5.0 mi) to go, he claimed silver in the Olympic Road race. Approximately 200 meters from the arrival, and with one of the two guys having won the battle.

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