How much do translators make?

how much do translators make

How much do translators make?

How much do translators make?

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

Thinking of becoming a translator and wondering how much do translators make? Read this article to find out. One thing to note, the figures below are in regards to fixed translator jobs and don’t apply to freelance translators.

How much do translators make?

You are really good at a European language, then you are a native speaker of another foreign language and then you are also brilliant in English! You love wordplay and you have written quite a few articles about word playback in school! You are in a tough spot and you need some good money!

How much money do translators make

How much money do translators make?

DutchTrans hears you, you want to be a translator and see if the job will help you get the ropes of life better. You also want to learn if the job is a good option to invest in terms of certification, examination and proper training. Say no more! We have made this blog for you and you alone! This blog will help you see various aspects of translation as a profession in the right light.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, $46,120 was the medium income of translators in 2016. The lowest pay translators received was $25,370 and the highest pay they received was $83,010. DutchTrans can tell you that good paying translators’ jobs can be found in the federal executive branches, computer system design, universities, colleges and professional schools.

Translator Salary Distribution According To Cities

The pay scale of translators can be understood according to the cities that they operate in. The best paying translator jobs can be found in strong metropolitan cities such as Silver Spring, Washington, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, The Trenton, New Jersey and San Francisco.

Following is the distribution of salary according to the region.

  • Silver Spring, Maryland: $79,500
  • Washington, District of Columbia: $79,490
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia: $73,050
  • Trenton, New Jersey: $70,330
  • San Francisco: $68,370
salary distribution

Salary Distribution According To States

Salary distribution also varies from one state to another. Following is the distribution of salary scale according to States in the US that will help you understand ‘how much do translators make’:

  • District of Columbia $88,250
  • Virginia $74,130
  • New Jersey $69,190
  • Colorado $67,510
  • Maryland $66,800

As you can see, the translation industry is heavily dependent on the region that the translator is operating in. If you are working in a mainstream translation-oriented city like New Jersey, you are in for a treat, but if you are in a back-end alley then you will have a hard time finding translation jobs.

Freelance Translators

The best bet for the translators in the translation industry is to work online. You will get a wider array of translation projects and challenges. You will also find yourself exposed to complex translation tasks that you may not receive if you work in an office. As like any other creative field, your experience decides your future, so more complex your tasks are; better standing you will have in the system.

We hope we have answered your query ‘how much do translators make’ in a sufficient manner without any problems or complications. We hope you like our discussion. We are a translation agency ourselves and we find our translators incredibly amazing.

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