How to Translate Files with Google Translator Toolkit?

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How to Translate Files with Google Translator Toolkit?

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2020)

How to Translate Files with Google Translator Toolkit?

There could be a long philosophical debate about whether or not it is ethical to make artificial intelligence. There are many people who still hold the belief that machines will ultimately take over the world and should be considered as the biggest enemy of humans. But no one can deny the way machines have changed our lives for the better. So far, their benefits have impacted the world greatly for us to look at their side effects. And at the end of the day, it is the way we use them that decides their usefulness. If humans start abusing their power over machines then nothing good will come out of that.

There is also the topic of whether or not machines can handle creative jobs. The majority agrees that such things should be left to humans as there is something about the way they work that can’t be replicated by a machine. If a person puts their heart into their painting, there is no way that a machine can do the same. There are, however, ways in which machines can prove to be useful in the creative fields. If you are painter and you need to learn about colors or understand their working, you can do that with the help of your computer. There is also digital art that people do on tablets and computers. There are tools offered by software that can help artists greatly in their work.

The one creating an artwork will be a human but the tools that help that artist will be offered by a machine. This means that if we want to, we can take help from our electronic devices and complete our tasks a little easily. Computers can do almost everything and sometimes when they can’t do something, they can at least help you. There is also the reverse process in which instead of improving your piece of writing with the help of computer, you take something generated by a device and then use your expertise to make it better.


Communication is essential for humans because without it we won’t get anywhere. There will be no interpersonal relationships, no trade, and no business. But communication is something that does not rely only on the means, but also the medium. You could have the highest quality phones and the clearest line of communication but if the person on the other end does not understand your language, you won’t be able to exchange a single sentence with them. This is why the complicated process of communication is aided by translation in these situations.

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Translation falls under the category of jobs that can only be handled by humans. Sure, there are online interpreters and software that claim to be the real deal but have you ever clicked the translate button under tweets and Facebook posts? The results are often hilariously incorrect. Which means machines and software are not fully capable of interpreting sentences. They may be able to tell you the meaning of foreign words but if the same word is used in a different context, they can end up giving you a wrong answer. Qualified and experienced interpreters are the people who can handle the difficult task of translating files.

How to Translate Files with Google Translator Toolkit:


Google Translator Toolkit is something that allows interpreters to improve the work of Google Translate. The interpretations carried out by Google Translate are presented to language experts and they are allowed to make changes in them. The toolkit offers multiple features and makes it pretty easy for translators to use it and make the interpretation a hundred percent accurate. The basic function of the toolkit is to allow interpreters access to the automatically generated translations and make changes in them.

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But it also offers other useful options that help translators in the completion of their tasks. It can help them organize their work. It also allows them to use shared translations. If there is a phrase or a sentence they interpreted in the past and it is saved in the toolkit, they can use that old interpretation. That is called a translation memory which the toolkit retains to help the humans working with it. Memories help save time of the interpreters and they can finish more tasks in the same time.


The toolkit also has a feature of glossaries where important terms are stored and can aid the interpreters with their projects immensely. Tools like CAD and Google Translator kit are highly useful for people who have to regularly translate files. But there is one thing that needs to be kept in mind when handling these tools: they are not designed for people who have no idea how translation works. If someone has never handled an interpretation before, they won’t know what to do with these tools.

Even new translators cannot operate these toolkits because of their lack of experience. The qualified interpreters who have been in the field for a long time and know how to make the most of a software that is designed to help them can work with Google’s toolkit and get the best results. If you are a bilingual person and you need to correct a translation produced by Google, do not attempt to do it yourself. You will only end up making it worse. Always rely on the experts to handle creative tasks because if machines can’t handle them, so can’t you.

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