Patent translation does not need to cost much

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Patent translation does not need to cost much

Patent translation does not need to cost much

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2020)
Patent Translation Doesn't Have To Cost Much

If we gaze upon the technical world, the importance of patency is quite imminent. It is because patent information includes technical details along with patent documents that contain classified and legal implications.


A Patent document includes:

=> Basic Information
=> A comprehensive description of the invention
=> Diagrams
=> Claims

The significance of patency in different markets is the same. Since they are detailed documents containing the A to Z of an invention or a product, they can be used for a variety of purposes:

=> To check previous research and developments
=> To avoid infringement of rights
=> To get information about the inventor and his work process
=> To derive base for further studies

As much as these elements are vital, they could also turn into a really huge problem. When all the important information is in a different language. Then you have to start your hunt for a Patent translation.

What Is A Patent Translation?


It is the translation of a patent document about an invention. The purpose behind is to make the information accessible for people who speak different languages. In the digital world of business, patent translations allow innovation information to be spread all across the globe.

The 21st century has seen an immense rise in the use and creation of patent applications. Limiting these applications and its information to a certain region is economic suicide for companies. This increased need for expansion has led to an increase in the demand for Patent translations. As per the stats suggested by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), businesses and enterprises spend billions on Patency.

patent translation services
patent price

The Cost


The cost differs on the basis of the industry, the region, the skill required to carry out the translation and vice versa.
The field of medicine and biotech are the top industries which have been using this service. Countries with higher income expectations have higher costs. But one thing that’s constant in the equation is that you need a skilled professional for patent translations. Not only should he be fluent in the terminologies of the respective industries but he must also be aware of all the prerequisites of the process.

Sometimes these skilled professionals charge differently which makes the customer think about another possibility. Am I actually getting what I am paying for? Is the person really a professional? and most importantly, should I risk the information with such professionals?

Where To Get The Best? The Ultimate Dilemma!


Now finding patent this service is a game with two options. Searching a skilled translator for the project Choosing a company which offers patent translations:

Private Translators


With abundant options in the industry, one might assume that they can find a professional easily. And to a certain extent, they can, but there will always be major drawbacks associated with them. You’ll always be charged at a high price.

There won’t be any quality assurance as you can never guess how qualified a person is until you hire them for your project. If the person is not fully equipped to handle the task and leaves room for errors, you might have to face legal consequences or even worse, your license could also get canceled and your product would be banned.

Translation Companies


While a lot of people won’t even know that language services companies provide patent translations, they can actually be the most suitable option for the task. Let’s see why companies are better options:

Professional Excellence

Every company that runs a business or provides services has one goal in mind, keeping the customers satisfied so that they can get more business from them. And in the case of patent translations, they know that the scope is bigger than the ordinary and thus they rely only on professional support. They ensure that their team is qualified and understands each and every bit of the process. So when you go with a company, you won’t have to run a background check on the translators.

Quality Assurance

The quality of the end product is the most important part for a company because, after that, the customers leave a review and turn into trusted clients. Companies offer quality and this is something that every enterprise needs in patent translations.

Low Pricing

Even for companies, it is hard to charge the same as regular translations yet they offer prices that are much lower comparatively. Companies have a policy through which they give their customers the facility of getting first-time discounts, bulk deals, etc.
Since Patent translations are required mostly by companies and they’d need them again and again, they can get a pretty good deal by the companies for regular work.

Better Compatibility

By working with a company, you get to know their rules and they understand your ideas of work in a better way. Going with a new freelancer every other week will only affect the quality of work but will also be a hassle as you’ll have to explain everything from the beginning.

Is Dutch Trans The Right Answer?

Absolutely. At Dutch Trans, we’ll take care of your patent translations without letting you pay extra for it. Once you get in touch with us, you’ll realize that working with us is the easiest way to process your translations. We ensure quality and with us, Patent Translation doesn’t have to cost much.


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