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The translator CV of the 21st Century

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2017)

The translator CV is one of the most important parts of a job search. That is why more and more translators become aware that their CV must add something to the table so that it can stand out from the crowd.

Using the same template, as most people do by sending out .doc or .pdf CVs, doesn’t get the attention needed and it doesn’t label the future employee as unique.

With the growth of technology and everything becoming available online, even more translators have decided to present their CVs on a web platform, since it brings much more interaction with the employer and it is much more interesting. Even though it must be special, the CV must also be kept simple, to the point and well presented. The same as for all other CVs, it must be updated constantly.

The web based translator CV gives the employee a more professional look, which inspires more confidence from the translation agency.

A very important factor in applying for a job is the way that the translator CV is written.

Many linguists use a corporate language in their CV, which doesn’t necessarily show the employee as an individual. It is preferable for the translator to use more common language.

Advantages of the online translator CV:

  • It is not limited to one or two pieces of paper; the regular CV.
  • It applies the same sections and elements of a regular A4 paper CV.
  • It doesn’t need to be multiplied and that’s why it is considered green friendly.
  • It is accessible anywhere and it doesn’t need to be sent as a file.
  • It is more efficient by allowing you to reveal more.

From the References point-of-view, an important fact to know is that a few recommendation letters have a greater positive impact than a large number of references.
The decisive factor in the employer’s decision is represented by the Expertise of the translator.

Projects that need the understanding of industry knowledge, terminology and complex theories are considered a challenge for linguists. Having a large expertise and emphasizing it in the resume can bring the translator the status of employee.

As an overview, we can safely say that these notions apply in any type of situation, and they will bring the same positive result.