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Know Everything About Automated Translation

Know Everything About Automated Translation

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2022)

Your business doesn’t need to clown around with translations to make people laugh! But just in case you don’t believe it, we are going to give you three ways that you can make a funny mess with automated translation.

Make a mess with automated translation

3 Ways to Make a Mess:

Accuracy is a fundamental element of any content either it is a business proposal, job offer, medical reports, product guide, legal documents, etc. Accuracy is a crucial part of effective communication despite any language. So it is very vital to remember while translating any content to another language that the accuracy of the content should not be missed. Automated translation cannot maintain the accuracy of the content while translating process.

    1. Hire an amateur.

This way is almost sure to give some people a good laugh. Eventually they will translate a figure of speech literally (He’s knocking the ball out of the park on this one!) or misspell words in a funny way (*Please chack youres chang befour you live.*).

machine translation disadvantages
use human translation

Use a computer to translate

    2. Just type your text in an online or computer translator.

This one doesn’t always work to help people laugh and make the world a better place. It usually just confuses people. To see just how bad automated translation can be, just go to any machine translation program and put in a sentence and translate it to a language of your choice. Now take the translated sentence, cut and paste it back in and translate it back to English. In theory it should be the same sentence. But it rarely is, even on simple greetings! These programs can’t accurately translate complex subjects either.

    3. Just make something up and do it yourself.

If you are just picking between these three on this list with no other options, I recommend that you take this one. It will save you time and money with similar results.

Some Serious Drawbacks of Automated Translation


Translating instructions for medical devices, aviation manuals, legal documents, and many other kinds of content need 100% accuracy. In such cases, mistakes can cost lives, huge amounts of money and irreversible damage to your company’s image.

Here are some of the disadvantages in using machines to translate:

  • Machines can’t translate context
  • Mistakes are sometimes costly
  • Sometimes translation doesn’t work
  • Lack of superior exactness
  • Inferior translation quality of the texts with ambiguous words and sentences
  • Poor Understating of the Parent Language
  • Offensive Reading
  • The conciseness of the Content

Before you despair from reading this list on automated translation mistakes, wait! There is a solution. Just do the job right the first time! Hire a professional translation agency. This way you will not waste your valuable time and money and risk getting a worthless translation which could pose you a bunch of problems in the future.

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