How to Translate Dutch Diploma to English

translate Dutch diploma

How to Translate Dutch Diploma to English

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2020)

There are many reasons a person should seek for certified translation services, and one of the reasons is one needs to translate Dutch diploma to English. In general, your personal documents need to be translated and certified for:

  • Immigration purposes – You want to live in the US and want your document to pass the immigration department.
  • Government purposes – You want to get a driver’s license, divorce certificate, or other documents that should be approved by the general courts.
  • Educational purposes – You have to submit your diploma, school transcripts, etc. to a school in the US.

If you’re aiming to do any one of the stated actions, getting a certified or notarized translation is the best and safest option. However, there might be some government agencies or universities in the US or UK that would accept an electronic form of the certified translation. Check the requirements of the institution first before you look for translation services.

Why Translate Dutch Diploma to English?


What you can do when you want your diploma accepted by a US university?

If you want to submit documents to a US university like your foreign diploma or the high school transcript of records, then you will need to have your documents translated and certified in order to be accepted. Even more, some institutions may also require notarized translation as well.

There are however other universities that would accept an electronic version of the translation, so whenever you need to translate Dutch diploma to English, first ask the university for their requirements. Some only need an electronic copy which you can send by email while others may require hard copies. Always ask the institution you’re planning to apply about their requirements first before you get any deals. Once you have a hard or electronic copy of your certified document translation, then you can easily enter high school, universities, etc. in the US or in the UK.

If you to translate Dutch diploma or any other personal documents and need to have the translation certified you can contact us anytime. We offer certified translations that are guaranteed to pass the standards of any school in the US or the UK.

Translate Dutch Diploma

Dutch-diploma-translation-in-lines-available-onlineDo you need your diploma, degree or list of grades translating, because you are preparing to study, live, or work overseas? Then it is very true that you need a certified translation of your diploma and any documents. Having your diploma translated by DutchTrans is quick and easy to order.

Every day we translate Dutch diplomas to the satisfaction of our customers. We understand better than anyone that your profession may depend on your diploma being correctly translated, without any mistakes.

Diplomas and other educational certificates frequently contain abbreviations for completed subjects. Your diploma will always be translated in such a way that each abbreviation is understandable for the reader. You can come to DutchTrans with all kinds of diplomas and other academic certificates. Our certified native speaker translators translate on a daily basis such items as secondary school diplomas, professional qualification diplomas, vocational education diplomas, and university graduation diplomas.

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