Translating Dutch to English: a complicated yet a necessary process


Translating Dutch to English: a complicated yet a necessary process

Translating Dutch to English: a complicated yet a necessary process

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2023)


Translating Dutch to English: a complicated yet a necessary process. Dutch is one of the five official languages of the Netherlands. It is the first language of more than 23 million people. Dutch sits at the third position in the list of most spoken German languages after English and German. These three languages bare many similarities, and that makes it very easy for native English speakers to learn Dutch. Dutch is an ancient language whose first written words date back to the 6th century. Like several other languages, Dutch has stolen several words from other languages. Majority of these words come from French and Hebrew.


The Netherlands is a beautiful country. Home of tulips and cheese lovers, the place offers beautiful landscapes to tourists. The Netherlands is also known for its canals, and many people love to go on a cruise on these canals. The Netherlands is also an amazing place for living. Simple business ownership rules make The Netherlands one of the best countries for startups and established businesses. Some entrepreneurs consider Amsterdam as one of the best cities in the world for startups. Many businesses made their start in the Netherlands and achieved the heights of success. But staying restricted to one country never did any business much good. And as good as the Netherlands is for business, it should not be the only place for a business.

Companies succeed when they expand to different countries. The expansion is not only good for businesses but also for customers. People would have remained deprived of great things if all the multinational companies had kept their businesses to one country. But there are a few rules that companies have to follow when they decide to expand. One of the rules is to make sure their advertisement and marketing campaigns are translated into the native language of the country where they are launching their products.

A great way to reach a large population of the Earth is by translating your website and advertisements into English. Twenty percent population of the world speaks English, which is 1.7 billion people. So if you translate your ads into English, you will be able to reach out to twenty percent of the world’s population. If you started your business in the Netherlands and now want to expand it then translating Dutch to English can help you expand to new audiences. In the internet’s era, the easiest way to reach out to more people is with the help of your website. So translate Dutch to English on your website and get it localized so English speakers can understand it.

The similarities between Dutch and English make the process of translating Dutch to English a bit complicated. To understand the complexities and subtle differences between the two languages, you will need the help of a professional translator. A native Dutch translator is better equipped to translate your website and business documents for you so if you are in need of business translations; it is better not to ask your bilingual employ to do it. Businesses can’t afford to be unprofessional so get in touch with DutchTrans to get the most accurate Dutch to English translations.

Translating Dutch English

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