Who Can Provide Translations of European Languages?

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Who Can Provide Translations of European Languages?

Who Can Provide Translations of European Languages?

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

The world is divided into different continents. Although the continents don’t share a lot of features, they are still different from each other in one way or another. Anyone that wishes to study a continent can do so by learning about its population, their cultures, and the languages they speak. One of the continents on our planet is Europe. It is the home of various popular tourist destinations. It is also economically stable, which is why people from all over the world pick European countries to immigrate to. The history of Europe is filled with stories of wars and the fall of empires.

The Languages of Europe:


The majority of the vernaculars spoken in Europe belong to the Indo-European language family. However, they belong to different subgroups. For instance, German belongs to the West Germanic group, along with English and Dutch. While Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish belong to the North Germanic Group. The members of each group share a lot of similarities with each other. Overall, Germanic languages are quite popular in Europe. One member of the group, English, is popular all over the globe and is spoken by nearly a billion people. The popularity of English is only going to increase in the future. The reason it ended up becoming so popular throughout the world is that the British went around the planet colonizing different countries.


German is another famous vernacular in Europe. It can be spotted frequently in the medical world. A significant number of the world’s books are published in German-speaking regions every year. Members of the North Germanic Group share more similarities than any other languages in the region. They are mutually intelligible in some forms. It is also worth mentioning that Swedish is one of the most studied languages on earth today due to the increasing number of immigrants in Sweden.

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Latin used to be the most influential language at one time. But after the fall of the Roman Empire, it began to lose its importance. However, it was so powerful that it did not disappear completely and ended up getting divided into its daughter languages that are still quite famous in Europe today. They are called Romance languages, and some of them are Spanish, Italian, and French. Spanish and French, like English, ended up reaching the distant lands of Africa and Latin America through colonization. Today, Spanish is spoken in more than twenty countries as an official language. It is also the second–most spoken vernacular in the US.

Euro Translations:


The majority of Europeans are bilinguals. They either know their mother tongue and English or the vernacular spoken in the neighboring country. In any case, no one would have any problem getting around in Europe if they can speak English fluently. The locals will be able to help an English speaker easily. However, when it comes to businesses that wish to connect with the audience of the continent, they will have to give importance to the local vernaculars. They can’t expect to win hearts by publishing advertising content in English. But they also can’t hire inexperienced people for the translation job.


Individuals also require translations when they are applying for immigration to one of the European countries. They can’t submit their documents as it is and expect them to be accepted by the authorities. But they will also have to get in touch with qualified professionals for the job. Only certified translations are accepted by the authorities.


It is important for both businesses and individuals to get accurate services. They wouldn’t want to reorder a translation because the previous one turned out to be inaccurate. When people don’t know much about a field, they have to rely on the service provider completely. But if they know what kind of service they require, they will be able to avoid a few obvious mistakes, like hiring an inexperienced translator.


There are plenty of vernaculars spoken in Europe that aren’t popular like English, Spanish, and German. Icelandic, Faroese, Welsh, Basque, Catalan, and Gaelic are some of the vernaculars that don’t have a lot of speakers. When it comes to translations, only a native speaker can provide 100% accurate results. But in the case of lesser-known vernaculars, it can be difficult for people to find native linguistic experts. However, there is a solution for that, and that is to hire an agency instead of looking for freelancers yourself.

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Who Can Provide Translations of European Languages?


If you require accurate translations of European languages, then you should do your research and find reliable agencies. All the good agencies know that only native experts can properly understand their vernacular and culture. This is why good agencies only hire native linguistic professionals. But there are still a few aspects that people sometimes ignore and end up regretting this mistake later. For instance, if you don’t compare the rates of agencies before placing your order, you might end up hiring a company that charges its clients unfairly.


It is true that a lot of freelancers also offer linguistic assistance for European vernaculars. But it is always a risk hiring them when you can’t read reviews left by their previous clients or inquire about their services. Every language is closely related to culture, but that isn’t something that a non-native will be able to understand. A native speaker, on the other hand, would know the cultural aspects of their mother tongue. They will know how to incorporate the cultural aspects into their translations. When you go to hire a freelancer, you can’t be certain that they are a native speaker or are experienced in their field. But if you go to an agency that has its reputation to maintain, you can ask as many questions as you want and they will gladly answer all of them.

Do your proper research and ask friends and family for suggestions before you go ahead and hire a company. Once you have compared the services of different agencies, you will be able to make the right decision.

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