Why you need a well documented website localization process

website localization process

Why you need a well documented website localization process

Why you need a well documented website localization process

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2023)

A website localization process is an integrated process of translating, documenting and internationalizing a website well according to the cultural nuances and ideological beliefs so much so that it feels natural and native in every language and market that it is being targeted to. So if you want your business to expand effortlessly and across all boundaries, you have to localize your business website and that too by well-equipped experts.

Why a well documented website localization process

English alone can’t cater to the wide masses out there. You have to adapt your website to the customers’ language fully as according to latest statistics 90% of the consumers who can’t speak and understand English don’t buy from such English oriented websites. So all you have got to do is to avail the services of website localization experts for converting your website to any language of the world and that too to ultimate perfection. Being fully familiar they will be careful enough in considering the sentiments of local people, complying with local legislation and avoid breaking of taboos.

A few reasons for getting experts for a well-documented website localization process

language diversity

Language diversity

There are as many as 7000 languages spoken in the world, too many of them, right? Yep! Since not all of them can be targeted but whichever language it is that you target according to your customer base, it is best advised to get help from expert native translators who would be well aware of the dialect and cultural nuances of the specific market. Like English spoken in the US is somewhat different from that of UK. So an expert translator will use the relevant English dialect, pronunciation and or grammar for an accurate depiction of the source language to the targeted one.

Translators aren’t enough

A large team of experts has to be incorporated for fully fledged website localization. The team of developers consisting of native translators, internationalization software managers, legal advisers and project managers having relevant experience can give you the best outcomes resulting in increased sales and escalated profits.


A way of displaying different languages for same website content is somewhat tricky. It demands a need for unity for the same and it can best be attained with the help of localization experts who can put the website in proper shape for locale masses.

internationalization process


Spacing also matters for a well-documented website, and different languages takes up differing spacing styles. For the said case breathing space counts a lot. Having little to no space with too much clutter on the webpage could distract the audience. So in order to hold their attention the content should be well formatted with proper spacing and placing. Only then can it draw a huge number of visitors to the website.


Some languages read from left to right while others from right to left. Now the strings should be made such that it could accommodate all styles and formats.


Most and above all the close alignment with cultures, beliefs, ideas, social taboos, and humor and sentence structures should be made viable for a better, proper looking website.

It is the age of the web which makes it mandatory to follow the trend hence localizing your websites in order to increase your reach, sales, brand image and build up a reputation in the market. And that can’t be done unless a well-documented website localization process is followed.

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