What Are The Best Translation Apps for Traveling

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What Are The Best Translation Apps for Traveling

What Are The Best Translation Apps for Traveling

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

The Importance of Planning and Travel:


A fun activity can be ruined by poor planning. If you have ever been on a road trip where the car ran out of gas half an hour later, you know exactly what poor planning means. Many people think that planning is only important in serious situations. They think that there is no reason to plan fun activities. However, that isn’t true. A poorly planned vacation will end up being memorable for all the wrong reasons. You can’t have good things in life if you are not willing to put in some effort for them. Traveling, whether it is for fun or business, is another activity that requires a lot of planning.


If you will be visiting a foreign country in the future or you do so on a regular basis, you will be familiar with the problems caused by the linguistic barrier. As a tourist, you will feel utterly lost when you have to select from a menu that is written in a foreign language or when you have to explain directions to your native cab driver. But believe it or not, proper planning for traveling can help you avoid the problems caused by language differences.

What are The Best Translation Apps for Traveling?


In 2020, no one goes anywhere without their smartphone. So, if you have your smartphone on you at all times, why not use that to your advantage? The modern world can offer us solutions for almost every problem. There is no reason to doubt the internet’s power when it comes to linguistic problems. It has always been there for us in difficult situations. There are hundreds of translation apps today that can help people during their travels. Here are the best apps you should have on your phone if you plan on traveling anytime soon:

  1. Google Translate:

Regardless of the year, someone started using the internet, the one name that all of us have heard of is Google. What began as a search engine is a huge network of apps and web programs today. One such feature that Google offers its users is translation. People can use their voice to add input and hear the answer spoken by their phone. They can also get image translations, a feature that will help you in understanding a menu. With Google Translate, you can order food that you would actually want to eat. It also has an offline mode that supports over 50 languages today. So, you can get results even without an internet connection.

  1. SayHi:

If you want an app that does not require you to do any typing, then install SayHi today. You can speak to your phone and let the app translate your speech. It will transcribe and read aloud the translation for the person you are having a conversation with. This is quite useful in situations when a quick conversation is taking place, and you don’t have the time to write or look at your phone again and again.

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traveling translation apps
  1. TripLingo:

Whenever you visit a foreign country, it isn’t just the language difference that keeps you from communicating with the natives, but also their unique customs that you are unaware of. TripLingo goes one step further than providing its users with simple translations. It offers currency conversions, essential expressions and phrases section, a crash course on cultures, etc. It teaches people how to behave in a certain country, so they don’t offend the locals. Something that is acceptable in one country can be highly offensive in another. Travelers can remember these things with the help of their smart devices.

  1. Microsoft Translator:

There are two versions of Microsoft’s Translator: one for consumers and the other for enterprises. It is one of the most popular translation apps on both Android and iPhones. There is also a smartwatch app of Microsoft Translator so users can get its assistance while they are on the move. Like Google, it also offers voice and image support.

  1. iTranslate Voice 3:

Ever wished you could get the services of a professional interpreter on your travels but weren’t ready to pay the heavy charges for that? Well, install this app, and that wish will become true. With this app, you can speak into your phone and get the translation spoken back to you. You can select a language from the list, and the app will provide results accordingly. Keep in mind that this is different from the basic iTranslate app, so download the right ones for your travels.

  1. Waygo:

On the surface, this one looks like a typical app that translates English to and from Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. But the real reason you should have Waygo on your phone is that it is entirely offline. So, you don’t have to worry about your internet connection. Waygo will have your back at all times. Another amazing feature of Waygo is that it has a food picture mode in which you can see detailed information about each item on a menu.

Once you install these apps before your next trip abroad, you will see the difference they can make in the quality of your travels. You won’t have to worry about accuracy while interacting with people each time you are trying to order something. You can communicate with shop sellers, cab drivers, and servers easily with the help of the best translation apps mentioned above. Your travels will become super fun and relaxing when linguistic assistance is just a few clicks away from you.

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