What Is Glossary Of Terms


What Is Glossary Of Terms

What Is Glossary Of Terms

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2021)

Remember when we were young and at the end of our textbooks, there was a page or two which had the meanings of all the difficult words in that book. Yes, you recalled that right! that was a glossary. And, well that does not only restrict to the textbooks in schools, you will also find a glossary of terms at the end of books like an encyclopedia.

Depending on the category of service, these glossaries could be different. For the health care service, it’s sometimes about prescription drugs. For a federal agency, it could be about felonies, institutions, and other service providers that operate under the federal government.

What Is A Glossary Of Terms?

Here when we are going to talk about what a glossary of terms means. And how does it help you in deciphering.

A glossary of terms is your translator’s reference for appropriate wording. Alongside a style guide and translation memory, a translator utilizes a glossary as a vital apparatus to improve the consistency of the translation. It also guarantees that all deciphered materials meet your quality necessities. Do you want to know the longest words in English? Check this out.


Kind Of Glossary Of Terms Are There?

Glossaries basically vary from service to service. And each one is directed to the particular key terms. For instance, a study of LGBT rights or a book on gender expression is simply not comprehensible for everyone. Terms like Transgender people, Trans persons, Gender Binary, Bisexual people, Woman binary require professional comprehension to be explained to a general audience. This is why glossaries are created. In our culture, understanding sexual attraction is important. Gender Binary is not something they will explain to you at school. Similarly, you can’t know the life experiences of a trans person without knowing who transgender people really are.

So, when a book is written about a certain topic and different subtopics are also discussed. The author maintains a glossary according to all the subjects touched and covered within.

Glossary for translation

This is one is a bilingual glossary that translates the word of one language into the definition of the other language.
these glossary formats are also used in the translation industry by translators to create the most accurate translation and use perfect linguistic skills.

Glossary for Health Care service

This glossary is created for making sure that the same definition and level of understanding is created and observed internationally. a glossary of terms for health care services has to be approved and authenticated by WHO to make sure that the same measures and knowledge applies to the field all around the world.

More precisely a glossary for health care services for the community and older persons will be observed worldwide for the same category of people. which means if a person who falls sick in a third world country has to go to a 1st world country for the treatment. The information that has to be interpreted should be the same worldwide.

Attraction to people

This glossary was created to make people understand their attraction of emotions and sexuality. This is basically an umbrella term that covers a wide range of attractions humans face. People who are different and do not understand how to comfortably, without hesitating. for example, people who highly support LGBTQ use many terms which allow them to identify themselves.

For example, this glossary helps in covering an open disclosure to a trans person’s surgical story which they might not want to bring up as a normal conversation. The glossary of terms in such a case makes it easier.

The PFLAG national glossary also tells us about trans women, who are said to be men with hyper-feminine behavior. Then there are Non-binary people, this term is used for describing a person whose sexual desire is directed towards women.

So basically, the glossary for attraction to people is important. It allows a person to understand where he or she standards in terms of sexuality around the gender spectrum. Whether they like men or women or both determine a lot. Sometimes this helps in determining if a person is intersex. Or do they want to identify their feeling of being a man woman or liking for both, known as a binary gender, or if they are gender-neutral?

Then there also happen to be glossaries for legal matters such as,


Glossary for Power of attorney

This glossary helps in understanding the legal approach towards power of attorney. Power of attorney is a document that gives another person the authority to take a decision for the first person who may not be able to make a decision for himself. For example, somebody who is under intensive health care or someone who is very elderly. This glossary helps you understand all the legal terminologies based on this case scenario.

The law also has tough terminology and it is not for laymen to understand. There are regulatory agencies that particularly handle the area of administrative law regulation or rulemaking.


The Food and Drug Administration is liable for ensuring the general wellbeing. And they do so by guaranteeing the wellbeing, adequacy, and security of human and veterinary medications. These include natural items, and clinical gadgets. By guaranteeing the security of the country’s food supply, beautifying agents, and items that transmit radiation. FDA has its own terms and conditions which are very important to follow. The glossary by FDA explains all the bylaws. The FDA-approved glossary is also very important for drug manufacturers.

FDA glossary

The FDA glossary has a very important role to play like other glossaries such as health care services glossary. it might not be easy for a layman to understand all the bylaws applied by FDA but the glossary makes everything clearer for a layman and even a pharmacist who hands over the drug products, a confectioner who has to follow basic food standards set up and regulated by FDA.

For example, there are drugs that are known as prescription drugs that are only to be given when a person comes with a prescription from a doctor. And then there are over-the-counter medicines too. There are separate glossaries for both sections of drugs. so mostly clinical terms are covered in the FDA glossary for drugs.

Kind of glossaries

Let’s see what kind of glossaries exist.

1) Glossary for feelings

2) Core glossary.

3) Intelligence law glossary

4) Glossary of business

So, these were some of the glossaries that exist. Not to mention that there is still a long list of glossaries available for access. For instance, there are glossaries that explain critical issues like sexual attraction among people. There is a term for people who are not cisgender. There are so many umbrella terms to cater to. Glossaries make things less complicated for people in terms of an explanation.

You must also keep in mind that not everyone can sit down and write a glossary. Even government agencies have their own glossaries to explain the political and economical terms to overcome barriers and understand better.

And when it comes to us, we don’t just rely on our translators’ professional knowledge. To ensure perfection, we give them the durable power of glossaries of terms. These special glossaries are kept for references as well as for using the right terms at the right place.

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