Where To Find Bilingual Transcription?

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Where To Find Bilingual Transcription?

Where To Find Bilingual Transcription?

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2022)

Where to Find Bilingual Transcription?

When it comes to business efficiency and reducing overheads, transcription plays an important role. Businesses and companies use video recording and radio advertisements for marketing strategies. But, this may not always work the way they intend it to work. Some people have hearing difficulties and their minds cannot process information quickly.

Video advertisements are fast but these advertisements are unable to get the attention of these people. Therefore, written advertisements and billboards can drive the attention that these companies seek. Transcription converts video files and audio files into visual text. In other words, this allows the information to get more coverage and attention. To know more, dive into this article with us.


In foreign countries, people may get into a fight or someone may falsely accuse them of a certain crime that they actually didn’t do. In courtroom hearings, while recording their statements and proving themselves unguilty. People speak at a relatively fast rate, a rate at which a person cannot write.

To preserve their statements for future hearings and evidence, people record their video or audio. After someone virtually records their statement in a video or audio format, a professional linguist transcribes the statement. In other words, he or she hears the media and then types it down into the language of the accused. This process makes it easier for the accused and the court members to understand each other’s statements easily.

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What is Bilingual Transcription?

The process of writing down verbal speech is transcription. A person who does transcription is referred to as a transcriber. A transcriber can do transcription either from a video or an audio file. There is also a very common type of transcription called real-time transcription. This type of transcription is usually required for legal purposes such as courtroom hearings and trials. In this type of transcription, the transcriber is present during the hearing and writes down the narrative of the convict. The court or the police preserve this written document for future investigation and hearings.

Transcription and Translation: The Difference

There’s a considerable difference between transcription and translation. Surprisingly, people confuse these terms very often. To make it clear to you, let us distinguish these terms from each other in simple words. Transcription is the conversion of video or audio files into text files. On the other hand, translation is the conversion of text files from one language to another.

Transcription is used in courtroom hearings and medical and healthcare fields. In the same way, translation is used in business campaigns and personal papers such as financial documents and legal documents. Long story short, transcription and translation are two different sides of the same coin because both languages involve languages.

The Need for Bilingual Transcription

When does the need for bilingual transcription arise? This question might be pounding into your head. Well, we have got answers to that. People need bilingual transcription when the language they speak differs from the target language. The difference in language causes difficulty in sharing ideas and hearing each other out. Therefore, some companies in the language industry provide bilingual transcription services to help you with that.

Moreover, in circumstances such as court hearings when one who is accused of a certain crime speaks another language, bilingual transcription services are needed to help the judges and other court members to hear the accused’s narrative accurately. Bilingual transcription also plays a huge role in business, healthcare, and medical fields.

High-Quality Bilingual Transcription Services

The Bilingual transcriptions that you order should be of the highest quality. It should not contain any kind of errors or inaccuracies. Bilingual transcriptions should not reflect unprofessionalism or inconsistency in speech. It affects the quality of the transcription. Not every transcription company meets all of the qualities that we have mentioned above. Therefore, we advise you that you do sufficient research before hiring a bilingual transcriber. Of course, you would not like to compromise the quality of the transcription.

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How Much Can a Bilingual Transcription Cost?

Over the internet, the price rates of bilingual transcription have a very broad range. Some bilingual transcription services cost you a few bucks depending on the transcription but other companies cost you relatively high. The cost of transcription depends on the total time length of the audio, video speech, unlike translation prices which directly depend on the number of words.

Bilingual transcription costs are not the same throughout the world. According to our data, some companies can cost you as little as 3 dollars per minute. On the other hand, some transcription services can also cost you as high as 10 dollars for a minute of transcription. The price of bilingual transcription depends on the company you choose and the total length of the speech or media. Lastly, we suggest you that look for the transcription quality instead of its price rates because that is what actually matters.

What Does it Require to be a Professional Bilingual Transcriber?

As the name suggests, you need to be bilingual. Moreover, you don’t just need to be bilingual but you should also have extensive knowledge about both of the languages that you know. From their lexical and phonology to their vocabulary and grammar, you should know each and every detail about those two languages. Furthermore, you need to be attentive. You need focus. If you do not have a good hearing and you are lazy, then you are very least likely to fulfill the bilingual transcription requirements.

Bilingual transcription requirements include swiftness and extensive knowledge about the languages that you speak. Lastly, not to forget the fact that you are more likely to be assigned these tasks if you have previous experience in transcription. If you are a newbie in the transcription business, then you will only be provided with tasks if some transcription hires you or you collaborate with a transcription organization. Then, you can carry out bilingual transcription under their banner, gain experience and do transcriptions on your own.

Where to find Bilingual Transcription Services?

Before you start looking out for a bilingual transcription, try reaching out to your friends. Ask them if they know of some reliable and well-reputed bilingual transcription service. If not, explore the internet. Do online research. See which transcription agency is reliable and which has better customer reviews. After doing so, choose the company. Take a quote from that transcription agency.

Shortly, they will get in touch with you. Then, you can tell about the type of bilingual transcription you want. Prior to getting a transcription, you will have to complete the payment in advance as this is what the transcription companies prefer to avoid scams. They will assign a professional transcriber who holds experience in both of the languages of which you seek transcription. After the Bilingual transcription process, the company will send you the written document at your email address.


In conclusion to every detail that we have mentioned so far, it is very clear that there is a huge demand for transcription, especially bilingual transcription. The language industry is filled with linguists but not everyone can carry out bilingual transcriptions. Transcription is more serious than translation. Therefore, it requires extensive experience and utter attention of the transcriber.

In case, the transcriber mishears some words, the whole transcription would probably lose its meaning. In other words, transcription is a process that demands care and responsibility. Long story short, finding a professional bilingual transcription service is difficult but not impossible. You just need to carry out little research before hiring a transcriber or a bilingual transcription service.

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