Where To Learn Dutch As Second Language

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Where To Learn Dutch As Second Language

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2020)

Life loses all of its meaning when we stop learning. Because without learning, we can’t grow in life. And the absence of growth means death. When we decide that there is no more knowledge for us to acquire, we are giving up on all the beautiful cultures and languages of the world. We give up on the chance to be able to understand people who don’t share the same nationality with us. But what’s the point of living on a planet with seven billion people if you don’t try a little to get to know them? By getting to know each other, there are a lot of prejudices that we will be ready to discard.


The Dutch Language – Official Language of Netherlands:


The closest relative of English and German is the official language of the Netherlands. It is spoken by almost twenty-four million people natively. It is not limited to the Netherlands but is also one of the official languages in Belgium. You can find its native speakers in the Caribbean and South America. There is also a daughter language of Dutch, which is known as Afrikaans and is spoken in South Africa. Although it isn’t quite similar to English or German, it does share a few features with both of them. Interestingly, it also has some similarities in its vocabulary with Scandinavian languages.

Reason to Learn Dutch?


There are various reasons why learning this tongue can be useful for you. If you plan on moving to the Netherlands, then learning Dutch is a must. Although more than 80% of the population speaks English fluently, there will be times when knowing the native tongue will come in handy. And if you plan on working in the Netherlands, then knowing the official vernacular will be the biggest advantage. Once you become familiar with this tongue, you will have a better chance of understanding the Dutch and Flemish culture. You can also learn Afrikaans pretty easily once you have studied this tongue. And if you are an English or German speaker, learning Dutch will become that much easier.

Learn Dutch

Where to Learn Dutch As a Second Language?


Are you thinking of studying Dutch but don’t know what the right way to go about it is? There is nothing to worry about. Facing confusing questions when you decide to do something new is not something out of the ordinary. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore all the questions and head straight in. Doing a bit of research can go a long way. Knowing your options and then deciding which is the best one for you is the ideal way to solve a problem.

Here are a few answers to the question, where to learn Dutch as a second language:

  1. Through an App:

If you are looking for free solutions, then a language learning app is the best option. Not only is it easily accessible, but it also comes with a lot of customization options. For instance, the app Duolingo will give you lessons according to your schedule. You can decide to get five minutes or ten minutes’ lesson. You can also choose the level at which you need to start. For instance, if you already know some Dutch, then the app will give you lessons accordingly. There are plenty of free apps available for both Android and iOS to choose from. Depending on their style and study plans, you will be able to find one that works for you perfectly.

  1. YouTube Videos:

If you have never thought of the educational value of YouTube videos, it is about time to change that. There are tutorials on YouTube for everything. When it comes to languages, there are multiple channels to choose from. You will be able to find dozens of high-rated videos of the Dutch language. You can subscribe to a specific channel if you like their teaching style. And you don’t have to follow a schedule. You can watch a lesson whenever you have some free time on your hands.

Learn Dutch
  1. Podcasts and Radio:

Although visual cues are pretty important, you can learn a lot just by listening. Whether you are cooking or out for a run, you can tune into a Dutch radio or play a podcast in the tongue to start picking up words. Try to focus on as many words and sentences as you can, and you will be able to make some sense of the audio. You won’t have to follow any schedule with this method either, and you can tune into a class whenever you want.

  1. Language Course:

If you are willing to spend money on learning Dutch, then enrolling for a language course in your college or university is the best option. You will be able to learn from highly qualified linguists. There will be a proper study plan to help you become familiar with the tongue. Regular tests will help you figure out your progress and motivate you to improve your efforts to pick up Dutch.

Studying something new and unfamiliar can be both scary and exciting. But once you get done with the process and start seeing the benefits of learning a new language, you will realize all your efforts were worth it. A piece of knowledge can help you get close to the culture of a people. And the best way to understand a community is by communicating with them in their own tongue. Living with the Dutch will become a lot more fun once you start speaking their vernacular.

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