Why would you translate your website?

why translate your website

Why would you translate your website?

Why would you translate your website?

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2020)

If you’re aiming for global reach but your company website is in Dutch or any other local language, the fact that you should translate your website is something that you should seriously consider. It could be a good investment, especially if you aim to attract global customers.

Why should you translate your website?

Do you have a website in Dutch?

Why do you need to translate your website from Dutch?


By having your website in Dutch, you are targeting about 27 million Dutch speakers. In the Netherlands, there are over 14,000,000 internet users that represent more than half of the total Dutch population. This is an ideal target market if your company is based in the Netherlands.

If you want to expand globally however, you need to translate your website into English, which is the perfect choice for a first language to translate your website into.

Why should you choose DutchTrans?


DutchTrans is a leading website translation company that specialized in multilingual web translations and offers about a hundred languages that includes Dutch. DutchTrans prides itself with its people – we only hire only those who have years of experience in translation. Businesses in native or second English language shouldn’t limit themselves to English-speaking customers. If you have big ambitions, you should consider our website translation services. It’s your solution to expanding your reach to the global market.

why choose DutchTrans

Why do you need to translate a site from Dutch language to English? English is the global language and it’s going going to change anytime soon. Dutch to English translation is the ideal technique for companies based in the Netherlands who wish to delve into the English-speaking market. It is a great way for businesses to increase both their global and local influences.

DutchTrans is a translation company with offices in the Netherlands and in the UK that offers quality translation services for documents, websites and software, along with multilingual SEO services. We offer translations from and into any language and we provide high accuracy work with fast turnaround. We are the top choice of businesses which are expanding their reach and increasing their customers base, so why not reach out to us for a free quote?

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