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Quick Tips: How To Get A Translation From Spanish To Dutch

Quick Tips: How To Get A Translation From Spanish To Dutch

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

Spanish to Dutch

How do you get an accurate and reliable translation from Spanish to Dutch? If you are like most people, you probably assume that the answer is simple.

You go to your favorite translation website, look at what they have to offer, pick the one that seems best suited to your needs, fill out their online order form and pay them some money. The end result of all this should be a perfectly translated document in the format that you need it, right?

In some cases, this may be true, but there are several things you should be aware of before you start trusting every translation service with this type of job.

Do you want to know these things? If yes, keep reading to learn more.

Start the translation process early enough

It is important to start early because you need time to communicate with your translator. You also want to leave enough time in the process to review your translation, approve it and make any corrections.

If you plan on sending sensitive documents or information, then it is wise to seek a translation service that specializes in such translations such as administrative or official translation services.

One of the best ways to ensure quality translations is by seeking out a professional translation service. Whether you are looking for online translations or a local translator, this option is the best way to get quick, accurate and certified translations.

In most cases, a Dutch translation agency can help you through the whole process from finding an expert translator to creating a draft and proofreading it before publishing.

translation spanish to dutch
spanish to dutch

Use free online tools when possible

There are many ways to get your documents translated, but it’s worth noting that you should never use a translation software like Google Translate.

These translation tools offer a very poor translation and can introduce errors that will have serious ramifications for both the accuracy of your translated document as well as misunderstandings between those reading it. For translation into Dutch to Spanish translation read now.

Instead, always look for an online service that offers translations done by qualified translators who translate into one of the major languages. There are many online services that offer these types of translations, but Translingo is a good option because they have translators in over 300 languages and specializations.

Translingo also has customer support available during office hours on weekdays.
Translation rates vary depending on what type of service you need and how long the document is; however, Dutch translation prices typically range from $0.04 – $0.08 per word or $200 – $400 per hour (depending on level).

Be ready to pay for a professional translation

Translation isn’t a DIY project. If you want to get an accurate translation from Spanish to Dutch, you’ll need to hire a professional translator. It’s best if the translator is a native speaker of both languages and will be able to preserve the intent and tone of your text in its original language.

Luckily, there are tons of translation services with qualified translators for just about any language pairing you can think of.

Such translators specialize in many fields including administrative translations, legal translations, official documents, engineering translations and more! More so, such translations are provided by highly skilled professionals with experience in every field.

Another interesting part about getting the services of a professional translator is that they are all either fluent or very proficient speakers of the target language and they take pride in their work by providing high-quality translations that meet industry standards. You won’t find any Google translate nonsense here!

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dutch to spanish in translation

Check if you need to have your document translated by a legal translator or not

Whether or not your translation needs a legal translator will depend on the type of document you need translated. For example, if you are translating contracts, then it is vital that they be translated by a professional who specializes in contract law.

If the document you are translating is a person’s testimony in court and not related to any contract agreements, then there is no need for a legal translator. This can only be determined once an accurate assessment has been made of the details within the document being translated.

The rate for these translations vary depending on the language combination, level of expertise required, time constraints, and whether you require one-way or two-way translations. The Dutch Translation Service prices its services based on volume as well as speed requirements.

Prices also include travel expenses should the customer require an urgent translation service outside of their location. The company guarantees a 24-hour turnaround time with three days notice needed before our team goes into production mode

Common Questions to ask when opting for translation from Spanish to Dutch

Many people only speak one language and if you’re fluent in both English and Spanish it might seem like an easy process to get a translation from one to the other. But there are some major differences in colloquialisms and words used by each culture that might create difficulties with translations from Spanish to Dutch.

Therefore, when looking for translators, ask the following questions:

  1. Can they offer friendly translations?
  2. What is their process for translating documents?
  3. How many languages do they speak?
  4. Do they have a native language not spoken by their primary customer base?
  5. If so, can they translate into their customer’s preferred language as well?
  6. Is their online instant translation service available 24/7 or just during office hours?
  7. Does the translator provide a glossary of terms or explanations of difficult concepts in order to make the reading easier for customers who don’t know every word or phrase but still want an accurate version of what was said?
  8. Are they able to provide proofreading services on work done?

Once you have good answers to these questions, you can be sure that you are on the right track for your document translation from Spanish to Dutch.


How much does Spanish to Dutch translation cost?

If you are looking for online translation services, for every word translated the rate is about US$0.12 and if you require a standard business translation service the cost is US$40 per hour. If you need an urgent translation, for example, in case of an emergency or accident, the service charges between US$175 and $250 per hour.

How many days will it take to translate a document from Spanish to Dutch?

Well, it depends on what the document is. If you’re looking for an English translation, be prepared to wait 3-5 business days (Monday through Friday) plus time for delivery. That said, if you need a Dutch translation, be prepared to wait 10-14 business days (Monday through Friday) plus time for delivery.

Does translation from Spanish to Dutch the same process as translation from Dutch to Spanish?

Although the process of translation from Spanish to Dutch and translation from Dutch to Spanish can be relatively similar, there are some differences between the two. The main distinction is that colloquial words used in Spain may not exist in Holland, so it’s important to ask for a colloquial translation when translating from a local language into another local language.

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