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Translator software: What should be used in the translation world

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2017)

With the new advent of technology, the translation business is meant to take a new dimension, where the translators will be forced to understand the workings of several translator software for them to work effectively. However at DutchTrans, our team of software developers thinks otherwise. For the translating team to work effectively, this is what should be done.

Create easy to operate software

With the great opportunities created by the internet, the translators should be provided with easy to operate software. The software should enable the translator to easily log onto a site, do their work, and easily submit their work.

Translator software and development

The work of updating websites and application is the responsibility of the software developer.

This is why DutchTrans makes the work of the translator easier by seamlessly integrating the latest technology and translator software. If the software developer updates software, DutchTrans detects the change and notifies the translator about the new changes.


For the documents to be well translated, the translators should concentrate on translation therefore the translator software should be easy to use. Some of the computer assisted translation tools are quite easy to use and understand, however others are hard to get used to. Tutorials to exist in video format. If you take Trados for instance, there are extensive video tutorials on how to use this translation memory software which is one of the best outthere. That doesn’t mean that the software is easy to use, it will take a while for a newcomer to get used to use it effectively, but in most of the cases it is well worth it.

Since there is a demand for documents that need to be translated, and there are many talented multilingual people, DutchTrans created a platform where the talented freelancers find projects and develop not only a great business, but also a long lasting relationship.