Top 10 Dutch To English Dictionaries Online

best dutch to english dictionaries online

Top 10 Dutch To English Dictionaries Online

Top 10 Dutch To English Dictionaries Online

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

There are many things that we don’t truly appreciate because they are easily available to us. The internet has made it a lot easier for us to access information of all kinds. Today, students can do their homework with the help of the internet. But before this time, kids had to turn to books or ask their parents for help. Although books are still pretty important everywhere, they have also been converted into electronic format. Any book you need, there is a high chance that it will be available on the internet. Access to information has proven to be most useful for those who wish to learn something, whether they are students or adults with jobs. For instance, students can find help with their homework for sure, but adults can also get access to writing lessons and bilingual dictionaries.

Get To Know The Dutch Language:


There are a lot of languages that people relate to English; however, its closest relatives are Dutch and German. The only reason behind the resemblance with other languages is that over the centuries, different tongues come in contact with each other and end up sharing words. Dutch has a few similarities with both of its closest relatives. During the Dutch colonization of South Africa, it ended up becoming mixed with local languages. That gave rise to the vernacular known as Afrikaans, which is still spoken by a considerable number of speakers. The two are mutually intelligible to some degree.


Interestingly, Dutch has taken fewer Romance loans than English despite the proximity with those languages. It also shares some features with Scandinavian languages; however, this similarity does not lead to mutual intelligibility. It is spoken in both the Netherlands and Belgium, which is why people can study it to get acquainted with two different cultures.

top 10 dutch to english dictionaries

List of Top 10 Dutch to English Dictionaries Online:


A lot of people are unaware of the fact that dictionaries can be highly useful in learning a new language. They are also helpful to translators and improve the vocabulary of those who have learned a language recently. If you are a Dutch speaker who is trying to learn English, you should check out the following ten dictionaries that are available on the internet:

dutch to english online dictionaries
  1. Google Translate:

If you haven’t turned to this service ever then, you are probably living under a rock. This is the best place to get translations of popular languages. But it is also useful when you are in need of a Dutch to English dictionary. You will get examples to teach you how to use a word in different contexts.

  1. Microsoft Translator:

Another reliable online solution is Bing’s Microsoft Translator. You can try voice search and get the pronunciation of words. Many linguists rank it above Google’s translation software. But both are improving rapidly.

  1. Cambridge Dictionary:

Who needs physical books when you can visit a website and get access to the same information? Cambridge’s Dutch to English dictionary is available online for users who can look up any word and find reliable solutions in seconds.


This is a multilingual dictionary website that offers support for Dutch to English searches too. Along with offering its own example sentences, it also displays external sources that contain the word you searched for.

  1. Reverso Dictionary:

Do you want word definitions, pronunciations, and meanings in one place? Try the dictionary offered by Reverso. Along with searching on their website, you can also get results from the whole web. There is a new feature called Reverso Context, where you can learn more about the usage of each word.

  1. Glosbe:

Along with offering you example sentences and word meanings, it also shows you similar phrases in the dictionary. This is useful when you can’t remember the exact term; you will end up finding it in your suggestions on Glosbe.


Are you looking for a dictionary that offers Dutch translations in multiple languages? Try this one. It has a simple design and can help you look up a Dutch word in dozens of languages.

  1. Systran:

This website offers neural machine translation. Although it is helpful as a dictionary, not everyone prefers to use it because of its reliance on machines to provide results.


This is quickly becoming the favorite place of many linguists. It is not advanced as some other dictionaries on this list, but it will surely get there soon enough. It is a multilingual website that offers dictionary services, translations, and so much more. If a word exists in both Dutch and English, you will get results for both.


If you are looking for a website with a simple design, then try It offers dictionaries for dozens of languages. You can look up Dutch to English and vice versa pretty easily. However, it offers no context or examples with the results. You will usually find only one result for each search entry. Unless you don’t like options, this one might not be for you. However, it can be used by beginners.

Whether you wish to learn a language or just get better at it, reading a dictionary can help you immensely. The internet has given us the option to learn from the comfort of our homes. We can do everything from online shopping to our jobs without having to leave our homes. In the times of a global pandemic, it is quite helpful to be able to access any piece of information you want. These free dictionaries are helping people all around the world with foreign languages.

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