What to look for when you need a Dutch to Spanish translation?


What to look for when you need a Dutch to Spanish translation?

What to look for when you need a Dutch to Spanish translation?

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2023)

For a long time, things stayed dark in the world. Slavery existed and women couldn’t vote or get an inheritance. The oppressed groups had to struggle for decades to get their rights. Although everything hasn’t gotten better, we are on our way. Things are changing, hateful views are not tolerated anymore. Every day we see a person or brand getting called out on the internet for being insensitive or hateful towards a particular group of people or a nation. Ignorance is not accepted anymore. It is 2019, you can’t pretend that you didn’t know any better. All of us have phones with an internet connection that can be used to learn about things.


A small mistake can cause a lot to a brand if they are not careful enough which is why companies take all the necessary steps to ensure they are not hurting the emotions of any group or person. But when people or companies cross borders and enter the foreign territory, they face new rules and a different language and culture. In situations like these, you can unintentionally disrespect the local culture when you don’t know anything about it. There are, however, a few things that can help people get over these barriers and connect with people of different cultures. One of these things is translation and localization which helps companies advertise their products or services in the native tongue of their target audience. When businesses choose localization, they don’t only get translations of their advertising content but change it according to the culture of their target market.

The Dutch Language:


West Germanic Languages is one of the world’s most prominent group of languages and it includes English, German, and Dutch. These three are considered close relatives. Dutch is also known for its link with the African language Afrikaans. The latter is considered a daughter tongue of Dutch as it originated from Dutch. The Dutch settlers of South Africa started speaking their dialect which ultimately became Afrikaans. These days, it is spoken by almost 16 million people in African countries. Both of these tongues are mutually intelligible.


Dutch has 28 million speakers in total out of which 23 mln speak it as the first language while five miln speak it as their second language. It is the only official language of the Netherlands and one of the three official languages of Belgium. It is the third most spoken West Germanic Language after English and German. When Dutch colonies settled down in America, their vernacular loaned some words to English. A few examples of these loanwords are cookie, iceberg, and waffle.


The Spanish Language:


The world’s second most spoken native language is Spanish, the first being Chinese. With over 480 million native speakers, it is a highly important native tongue on a global scale. It is the official language in 21 countries. It enjoys this status across Africa, Europe, and the Americas. 75 million people also speak it as their second language. It is closely related to Latin and Arabic. Over 8% of the vocabulary of Spanish had its origins in Arabic.


All the Romance languages have a bit of influence over Spanish. It enjoys official status at a lot of international organizations including the United Nations and European Union. According to some stats, it is the third most popular tongue on the internet and its use on the world wide web has only increased in the past few years. Due to its growing importance, many people turn towards learning Spanish. And it is not even considered as difficult as some of the other famous languages like Arabic and Mandarin.


Dutch to Spanish Translation:


If you are applying for immigration to a country where Spanish is an official language and your personal documents are in Dutch, you will need the translation of those documents. But this isn’t the only scenario in which you might need a Dutch to Spanish interpretation. Dutch businesses trying to expand can need it to reach out to 480 million speakers of Spanish. Students applying for admission in a university can also need Dutch to Spanish translation. A Dutch national applying for a job in a country where Spanish is the only accepted language in the offices will need a translation of his documents, including his references and employment records, to get the job.


The translation allows companies, universities, and immigration offices to confirm someone’s identity and verify their claims. Without translation, they cannot understand who you are or why they should select you.

What to Look for When You Need a Dutch to Spanish Translation?


Dutch and Spanish are not related in any way. One is a West Germanic language while the other belongs to the group called Romance languages. Translating Dutch into Spanish can be a tough task even for the experienced. But if you go to an inexperienced person, you are bound to get a bad translation. When you are searching for a Dutch to Spanish translator, it is better to look for translation agencies like the Dutch Translation who have native translators on their team. The native interpreters understand their vernacular and all its features. They are better suited to translate a native tongue as compared to the interpreters who have no link with that vernacular.


When you choose the right translation agency, you will get affordable rates, quality work, and quick service. You won’t have to wait for a week to get a simple translation. So make the smart choice by going with a certified translation agency for your Dutch to Spanish translation.


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